In January, Jamal Sutherland arrived at Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center after receiving treatment at a mental health facility. Just 14 hours later, Detention Deputies Sgt. Lindsay Fickett and Brian Houle killed him.

Hours of Charleston County Jail surveillance footage and body camera video revealed Sgt. Lindsay Fickett and Detention Dep. Brian Houle repeatedly pepper-sprayed and tasered Jamal Sutherland, who suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as they forcefully attempted to extract him from his jail cell to a courtroom.

Jamal was convulsing on the ground in pain after being tasered six times.

Sgt. Fickett placed a knee and the full force of their body weight on Jamal’s shoulder. Jamal’s dying words were “I can’t breathe.”

Adding insult to injury, deputies placed a spit hood over his head and dragged Jamal’s motionless body out of his cell.

Jamal Sutherland’s death is a tragedy. His death was preventable!

We have to demand better treatment and alternative strategies for individuals suffering from mental illness in our criminal justice system and prevent tragedies like these from happening in the future. This begins with holding the two detention officers ACCOUNTABLE for maliciously taking Jamal’s life!

While the officers have been fired, they have NOT yet faced any charges for their awful role in the death of Jamal.

Demand Detention Sgt. Lindsay Fickett and Dep. Brian Houle be charged for Jamal Sutherland’s death.

They MUST be criminally held accountable.

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