Attorneys and activists joined the family of 44-year-old Pamela Turner outside the Harris County Courthouse on Thursday for a press conference. Turner’s death has received local and national attention. It was caught on video by a witness. She was shot multiple by Baytown Police Officer Juan Delacruz at Brixton Apartments in Baytown on Monday night. […]
The concept of a police force is a relatively new development in human history. Starting in London in 1829, policing was originally meant to serve as a less expensive alternative than the British army. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that the United States began to adopt a policing force, city by city. And these forces […]
Judge Alex Kozinski, appointed by President Reagan and described as a libertarian-conservative, has laid out twelve compelling reasons why our justice system needs an overhaul. Long accepted standards of evidential proof that have led to convictions are now being found to be more full of error than of truth. Even DNA evidence, arguably the most […]
The new algorithms, presented for consideration in Texas, have been tested in Harris County in Houston with disastrous consequences. These algorithms take decisions out of the hands of elected judges and leave the safety of the public in the hands of flawed computers. While these policies were sold to the public in terms of preventing […]