Reformation of Legislative and Policing Systems

‘To protect and serve’ is the motto of most (if not all) American police departments, but due to outbursts of brutality, misconduct, and ultimately questionable means of handling certain situations, the good people of America are concerned who exactly is ‘protected and served’.

By no means do we imply that all policemen are to blame and that the other side is, by default, the victim. However, all it takes is for one mistreatment to be forgiven before the spiral of more sinister events becomes a norm.

That’s the main reason why Equal Justice Now believes that the problem must be addressed and dealt with at its core. The laws that shield our ‘shields’ are loosely interpreted in their defense while victims of police brutality seldom (if ever) win legal suits of this kind.

On the opposite end, the idea of disbanding the police as Camden did is equally questionable. Having a portion of corrupt individuals condoning and to some extent even enforcing criminal activity is terrible, but so is being completely vulnerable and defenseless against such threats and attacks.

The BLM movement has set the gears in motion, addressing police accountability once more, and again we see how deep the roots of racism are stretching across the very fabric of our nation. Again, it’s the few that are representing the majority in both cases, and the only factual conclusion is that something needs to be done.

George Floyd’s untimely passing was the tip that had stirred the hornet’s nest, and the outrage that followed was certainly not the first or the last our great nation had and will see.

People are being frightened, and in some regard even coerced into not calling the law enforcers when they are in trouble. The problem is if you can’t trust and rely on those who are meant to protect you, where do you go to seek help?

Equal Justice Now is actively searching for solutions to these and similar problems, including:
• Poor police officer training
• The trigger-happy discipline of recruits and veterans alike
• Minimal (if any) reprimands for acts of brutality and misconduct

Again, putting an end to gross violations of people’s basic rights should be one of the primary concerns of every citizen of America. Resolving this issue will ultimately strike a massive blow to nation-wide racism, hitting two birds with one stone, which is why Equal Justice Now is there for both victims of police brutality and as a pre-emptive mechanism for people who could potentially experience it.