Suppression of Voting Rights

Voting is synonymous with the political voice of an individual. It’s among the most important and crucial rights that our Constitution affords us, but sadly it’s also repressed in numerous ways. It’s imperative to understand that the future of our country depends on every voice being heard and every vote being cast.

During the past weeks and months, the population of our country nation-wide have been on the fence between whether to peacefully protest or riot against the voting system that’s thoroughly corrupted and compromised.

Protecting your voting rights is as important as it is difficult. New laws that are not necessarily beneficial to anyone but the select (richest) few are being pushed forward in terms of voter ID, racial profiling, and overall manipulation of votes.

The voting locations and platforms have been systematically closing all across the state, leaving people with higher traveling expenses while the only alternative seems to be mailing your vote. Due to obvious reasons, hundreds of thousands of American citizens do not feel overly comfortable with this option, and rightly so.

Moreover, the now year-long pandemic is not helping the situation. The fear of this deadly viral disease is preventing people from casting their ballots, but even if we completely take the virus out of the picture we still have years and years of voting-right repression to worry about.

The presence of racism on our voting platforms is another clear sign that something is terribly wrong with the current system. People of color have been reported to have waited in the voting lines nearly half as much as white people.

One of the proclaimed reasons why black and Latino voters took more time to cast their vote is the fact that they mainly live in areas where a fewer number of electoral voting locations and substantially fewer resources are available.