Suppression of Voting Rights

The United States Constitution, with all of its articles and amendments, is the backbone of one of the most encompassing governing systems on the globe. Even so, there is much work to be done before we become a ‘perfect union.

Racism, classism, and elitism need to be rooted out from the core of the American experience. Until that day, violence and inequality still have the means to infiltrate and corrupt the lives of our fellow American’s.

Equal Justice Now is a beacon of light and a sliver of hope for anyone who has experienced the shortcomings of our imperfect union. We want to engage, motivate, and ultimately lead your fights for your rights, helping to guide the work of individuals to improve our nation collectively.

Equal Justice Now also unties individuals into a collective of people by sharing the burdens of false accusations, guilt before innocence, and ultimately wrongful incarceration – seeking to correct the wrongs of systemic failures in our criminal justice system.

We are just beginning our journey into the legal waters of America’s justice system. While the journey is new, the injustices we are bringing to light are as old as our country’s founding.

Equal Justice Now is a non-partisan, nonprofit, social welfare organization; an answer to the cries for help of falsely arrested, wrongfully detained, and unrightfully convicted mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.

Equal Justice Now is adamant about tackling critical issues such as:

  • Systemic and nation-wide racism
  • Suppression of voting rights
  • The reformation of our legislative and policing systems
  • StopProp25