About Equal Justice Now

The United States Constitution with all of its laws and amendments is the bare bones of one of the most encompassing legislative systems on the globe. Even so, it still has ways to go before becoming ‘perfect’. Racism, classism, and elitism are not rooted out from its core, which consequentially means that violence and inequality still have means to infiltrate and corrupt it.

Equal Justice Now is a beacon of light and a sliver of hope for everyone who’s tasted the imperfections and shortcomings of it. We want to engage, motivate, and ultimately lead your fights for your rights, but the bulk of the burden is yours alone – Equal Justice Now’s mission is also about sharing the cumbersome stones of false guilt, accusations, and ultimately wrongful incarceration.

We’ve just planted our feet into the legal waters of America as the company was founded during the passing year, but due to our vehement efforts and diligence, we’ve managed to shed some light over the cloudy landscape of the US legal system.

Equal Justice Now is a non-partisan, non-profit social welfare organization; an answer to the cries for help of falsely arrested, wrongfully detained, and unrightfully convicted mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.

As a nation, we have entered one of the arguably most important and impactful elections in America’s history and so Equal Justice Now has been ever so adamant about critical issues such as:

• Systemic and nation-wide racism
• Suppression of voting rights
• The reformation of our legislative and policing systems
• StopProp25