The group includes Robinson’s family, as well as civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump and others joined to continue the call for justice in the Robinson case on Thursday.

Published: Mar. 23, 2023 at 2:58 PM GMT-6

SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) – The lawyer representing the family of Shanquella Robinson, the Charlotte-native who died last October in Mexico while on vacation with friends, held a press conference at Livingstone College in Salisbury Thursday to give an update on the latest developments in her death investigation.

The family is putting more pressure on the federal government for an arrest in Robinson’s death.

“It’s time for Washington DC to act so that these parents can begin the opportunity to breathe, so that they can actually sleep at night knowing that they fought for justice for their loved one,” Bakari Sellers said.

Sellers, Attorney Ben Crump and local community leaders joined the Robinson family on stage to continue the push for diplomatic intervention in the case. Crump, who is also co-counsel, told WBTV he is expecting to meet with the foreign relations committee.


He also revealed Thursday, they’re expecting to meet with the White House.

“We expect that we’re going to have whether virtually or in person a meeting with the White House after the first of April at least hear something from them in regards to our request,” Crump said.

As the Robinson family has continued their fight for justice, they’ve also questioned the U.S. and FBI investigation has taken so long.

The Mexican government continues to say they’ve identified a “direct aggressor” in Robinson’s killing and hoping to extradite that person back to Mexico.


On the United States side, the FBI’s independent investigation is ongoing.

“There’s no way that it should be five months with video in place and all kinds of other information about the individuals that was on the trip with my sister. At this point everybody in that room should be held accountable,” said Quilla Long, Shanquella’s sister.

Shanquella’s mother, Sallamondra Robinson, echoed the sentiments of her daughter.


“Then they had a video that went viral the whole world seen the video and there’s no been no arrest since since Oct. 29. What kind of system is this for? I just don’t understand it,” Sallamondra Robinson said.

Just a few weeks ago Crump and the Robinson family were in Washington, D.C., hoping her story would catch the attention of President Biden and other national leaders. They are continue to ask for the federal government to either allow extradition or take over jurisdiction of the case.

Last week, the White House press secretary acknowledged that the investigation is ongoing, and offered condolences to Robinson’s Family.

In the months following her death, the FBI has opened an investigation into her mysterious passing, and Mexican authorities have issued an arrest warrant, although it remains unserved.

“You have all the evidence in the world, what is taking you so long?” Crump asked.

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