The new algorithms, presented for consideration in Texas, have been tested in Harris County in Houston with disastrous consequences. These algorithms take decisions out of the hands of elected judges and leave the safety of the public in the hands of flawed computers. While these policies were sold to the public in terms of preventing […]
An automated risk assessment has been proposed across the country as a remedy to individual magistration across the State of Texas. It was promised that this would take the guess work out of magistration. Proponents of bail reform tout them as the panacea to the ills in the criminal justice system. The reality is that […]
The United States Constitution expressly recognizes the constitutionality of private surety bail pursuant to the 8th Amendment to the Bill of Rights, which states that excessive bail shall not be required. U.S Const. amend. VIII. The 5th Circuit has squarely rejected the argument that “the imposition of a financial condition of bail which a defendant […]
The bail industry provides many benefits to the state of Texas and its city and county governments. Very often these important benefits go unnoticed by decision makers. They include but are not limited to: Supporting a Strong Texas Economy The private bail industry is made up of hundreds of small family businesses that employ thousands […]