Imagine being denied the right to help a loved one accused of a crime secure their release so they can answer the charges against them – and gaining their freedom depends solely on computer algorithms and predictive models that are racially biased instead of on the love and support of their family and friends. Without an elected judge to set bail or prescribe the terms of release, crucial criminal justice decisions will be at the mercy of bureaucratic government employees and inherently biased computer formulas.

Prop 25 seeks to eliminate the constitutional right to post bail for every Californian. Instead of having the option to either obtain your release through bail secured by your family or friends or a pretrial release program administered by elected officials of the courts,Prop 25 requires the use of computer-based and inherently biased racial profiling based on algorithms to determine who can and can’t get out of jail pending their trials. These computer algorithms, managed by government bureaucrats, replace the role of elected judges in our current system.

Equal Justice Now stands with over 100 civil justice reform advocates working to defeat Prop 25. California’s governmental employees have shaped the proposition to give them significant leeway in release conditions, how many hoops those people will have to jump through to remain free including the payment of exorbitant service fees necessary to support bloated governmental programs, and, most importantly, who will remain behind bars indefinitely. Prop 25 will not result in more defendants getting released from pretrial detention. Instead, it could leave more people behind bars, while they effectively remain guilty until proven innocent.

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